moira FPPMoira Rossi is a 28 year old woman who was born with Down syndrome.  Since her birth, Moira has defied the limitations of intellectual and developmental disabilities. She attended school in Jacksonville, Florida, where she fell in love with acting and performing. She graduated from The Arc Jacksonville On Campus Transition at the University of North Florida.  During this time, she was hired to be part of the National Down Syndrome Congress campaign called “More Alike than Different.” During this same time, Moira entered the National Disability Institute’s “My American Dream” competition and won national recognition for her self-produced video. As a result of the publicity from the American Dream competition, Moira was asked to be a plenary speaker at the Florida Partners in Prosperity annual convention of 300 people in St. Petersburg. She was also asked to be the plenary speaker at the Florida Board of Education’s Administrator Annual Convention consisting of over 400 individual educators.

In 2014, Moira was asked by the Arc of Florida to be a spokesperson for their public relations campaign to “End the R Word”. Moira appeared in an online ad, as well as addressed a large group of legislators and constituents at a press conference in Tallahassee.

moirascottMoira is the former president of the local self-advocates group called “Advocates Reaching Community,” where she still participates today. She is also on the board of the Florida self-advocates group known as Florida SANDS. Moira has had a broad exposure to business.  She is a strong self-advocate and excels at public speaking. Appearing before a camera has always been of interest. She has also been filmed with the Jacksonville Mayor, the Governor, and U.S. Senator Andrew Crenshaw. She has a natural ability to present herself and intuitively knows what to say and how to say it, in most situations. The size of the audience is irrelevant- it is the reward of being able to provide input to others that is the motivating factor.

In 2014 Moira applied for and received a grant from Respect of Florida to start her own micro enterprise which allowed her to begin her business, Moira’s Ventures. Her business brings into play her interest in public speaking, acting and self-advocacy. The first project for Moira’s Ventures is creating self-help videos for other self-advocates.  The first video is an 8 minute DVD and a workbook on Health Care.  Moira gives helpful tips on how each person can use techniques to become their own self advocate.  This is the first in a line of videos that will be part of the business of Moira’s Ventures.